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Parish Scenes
Photos are reproduced in low-resolution suitable for screen viewing only and do not print very well. This is because Kilmichael parish is deprived of broadband access by monopolist Eircom and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, thereby making the uploading of high-resolution pixels impractically slow. Most of these photos were taken by parishioners and we would be happy to email a copy of the original, full-resolution versions if requested. We can also put you in touch with the photographers if you want a copy of one of the professionally-taken photos.

01 - Mon 19th January 2009; Snowscape - Moneycusker and the Kerry hills
02 - Sat 31st January 2009; Kilmichael Ambush Memorial
03 - Wed 4th February 2009; Cooldorrihy church in the snow by Paula O'Leary
04 - Wed 25th February 2009 - Ash Wednesday; The Priest's Cross
05 - Sun 12th April 2009 - Easter Sunday; A view of Terelton
06 - Sat 6th June 2009; Taking the first cut of silage
07 - Sat 5th. September 2009; Vintage reaping and binding
08 - Mon 14th. September 2009; Making stooks of corn the old way
09 - Mon 11th. January 2010; Terelton Cross under five inches of snow Page of photos
10 - Fri 9th. April 2010; Easter Week: Furze in bloom at An Faithchín
11 - Fri 9th. April 2010; Easter Week: View of country north of Terelton towards Mullaghanois
12 - Fri 23rd. April 2010; Welcoming the spring: a herd of cows grazing the pasture.