Baptism times are by arrangement with Fr. O’Donovan. We will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible. You are welcome to invite a priest of your own choosing if you wish, provided that the parish has sufficient notification.

When booking a baptism you will be given a form to be filled in and signed. Some or all of the information returned will be entered in the Parish Baptismal Records.


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2. General Requirements for Cork & Ross Dioceses
3. Booking a Wedding in Kilmichael Parish
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A wonderful resource, and worth checking out, is this helpful free website by Accord and Catholic Ireland:

1. Civil Requirements

Since 5th November 2007 civil requirements have changed considerably.

The following information consists of extracts from the Registrars’ Website
and is intended for guidance only. Please consult the page linked to above for full details.
From 5th November 2007 each person marrying in the State must either attend (by appointment only) at the office of a Registrar in person to give at least three months’ notification of intention to marry; or obtain an exemption from this requirement under Section 47 of the Civil Registration Act, 2004. For example, any person marrying on or after August 1, 2008 must have given notification to the appropriate Registrar on or before May 1, 2008. Assuming all the legal requirements are met, the couple are then issued with a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) which is effectively a civil marriage licence.
The Following are the Registration Offices for Co Cork with phone number for appointments.

Civil Registration Office
Adelaide Court
Adelaide Street
Monday – Wednesday 9.00-4.30
Thursday 9.00-7.00
Friday 9.00-3.30
021 4275126
021 4270280




Civil Registration Office
Co Cork
Monday-Friday 9.30-12.30
028 40570

028 40571

Any couple proposing to marry should begin the process by contacting their local Registration Office to make an appointment to meet the Registrar to give him/her their marriage notification. Notifications can be taken only by prior appointment with the Registrar. While only three months’ notice is required by law, couples are advised to contact the Registrar well over three months before their intended date of marriage to ensure they can get a timely appointment. The notification details will be entered on a computerised notification system by the Registrar on the basis of the information given by the couple. When attending the Registrar’s office in relation to the notification, the couple must also pay the notification fee of €150 and provide the Registrar with evidence of their name, address, age, marital status and nationality.

In general, all couples will be asked to produce:-

– Passport or driving licence as ID
– If widowed, death certificate of the previous spouse and the civil marriage certificate for their first marriage
– Their PPS Numbers (where either or both of the parties have one)
– Fee of €200 as above
Additional documentation may be required in some cases, such as where a divorce has been granted outside the State and it must be determined whether it is recognised under Irish law. The Registrar will advise what is required in each case.

In addition to their personal particulars, the couple will be requested to provide details in relation to their proposed marriage such as
– the intended date of marriage,
– whether they require a civil or religious ceremony,
– the names and dates of birth of their witnesses, and
– details of the proposed solemniser and venue.
They will also both have to complete a declaration of no impediment stating that they are not aware of any lawful impediment to the proposed marriage.

The Registrar will issue each party to an intended marriage, and the proposed solemniser, with an acknowledgement confirming the date of the receipt of the notification.
It should be noted that these acknowledgements are for record only and are not intended to be a licence or certificate signifying the approval of the Registrar concerned to any proposed marriage. All the other legally required marriage preliminaries, as set out in this webpage, must also be complied with.


2. General Requirements for Cork & Ross


a. Pre-Marriage Papers:
Each party should make an appointment to meet with the priest of the parish in which they reside in order to enable him to complete a form called the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry. It would save time if you checked the following first:
Were you baptised in the parish in which the Enquiry is being completed? If not, you will have to apply to your parish of baptism for a ‘fresh’ (less than six months’ old) Baptism Certificate.
Were you confirmed in the parish in which the Enquiry is being completed? If not, you will have to bring a Confirmation Certificate.
The above appointments should be made well before the marriage date, ideally at least six months, because you may be asked by the priest to source Letters of Freedom or other documents which could take weeks to obtain. Full details in this page from the Diocesan Website:

b. Pre-Marriage Course: Couples normally choose from available and authorised courses and dates. Full details in this Diocesan Website page:

3. Booking a Wedding in Kilmichael Parish

The following MARRIAGE FAQ page from the same website could be of interest to you:

Check if your date is available by looking at the table below, but keep in mind:

a. Marriages cannot be solemnised on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday or Christmas Day. If you have any doubt whatsoever about your desired day being affected by this, contact us before you book your hotel.

b. In Kilmichael Parish, due to administrative difficulties, only one marriage may be booked on any day, for each Church. The rule is ‘Same day, different churches’.

c. If neither of you live in Kilmichael or was baptised here, you must bring your own priest. Fr O’Donovan cannot commit himself to officiate at any outside wedding.

Calendar of Marriages

2024Friday5th AprilToames
2024Friday20th SeptemberJohnstown
2024Saturday21st SeptemberToames
2024Saturday28th DecemberToames
2024Tuesday31st DecemberToames
2025Saturday25th OctoberJohnstown

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